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Medical Grade Skincare

Newport Medical is a proud to partner with Environ. Environ skincare is a globally recognized medical grade skincare line produced in South Africa. The brand was founded on science, beauty, and care. Environ prioneered the introduction of Vitamin A into everyday skincare Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that should be replaced daily for the skin to appear healthier and more radiant. 

Vitamin A deficiency in the skin leads to pigment irregularities, sun damage, ageing and skin cancer (due to longterm effects of sun exposure). Replenishing vitamin A in our cells requires restoring the effects of our Vitamin A receptors within the skin. To do this, a Vitamin step-up system is utilized. 

Vitamin A is scientifically proven to

  • Promote natural moisturizing factors and provide a radiant glow

  • Strengthen the effects of the skin's outer layer/moisture barrier 

  • Stimulate the production of natural protein 

  • Support the effects of the skin's immune system and helps prevent appearance of breakouts

Ask us today for information and samples of Environ! 

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